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Green Tech Mining & Services LLC (GTMS) current projects are about remediation of mining residuals from past mining operations in Sohar and Yanqul. These projects are not only highly profitable by turning residuals into value, but provide a unique opportunity to introduce innovative, environmentally friendly metal extraction technologies for the conventional mining industry, which is a key to making mining palatable again in Oman.


Sohar Block 4

Arja'a Tailings Dam & Stock Piles

The Arja’a tailing mineral recovery and remediation project will manage the mining residuals and associated ground water pollution that had been left behind from copper mining operations in Lasail, Lasail West, Bayda and Arja’a dating back to 1983. In 2013 Oman Mining Company carried out an environmental impact assessment study of the copper concentrator, smelter and refinery, which eventually led to the suspension of copper production activities in 2016.


Mid 2020 Green Tech Mining & Services LLC (GTMS) has successfully completed an 18 month pilot project, which identified the most profitable and environmentally friendly process to remediate the Arja’a tailings, which represent the biggest environmental hazard in the Sohar area.


In a pilot project, GTMS was able to demonstrate a non-toxic process to get metals, including gold, into solution to prove the effectiveness of GTMS’ proprietary gold extraction technology in the field in order to finance the environmental clean-up using cyanide free heap leaching. The pilot plant will be upgraded into a gold production plant with environmentally friendly processes.


A feasibility study, including a full sampling campaign of the Arja’a tailings dam and reserves calculations according to JORC standard, has been completed.

Lasail mine with truck.jpg


Yanqul – Block 10

Rakka & Bishara Tailings Project

Gold was successfully mined in Rakka and Bishara between 1994 and 2009, when environmental concerns over the contaminating and harmful nature of using cyanide to leach gold from the ore, which was also affecting nearby farms and villages, led to the closure of the mines and the Rakka gold processing plant. Six tailing ponds and several ore stockpiles were left behind near the now derelict plant.

We will mine the tailings, ore stockpiles and contaminated waters and manage the environmental legacy which left behind vast pollution. Very promising preliminary results indicate that this will not only enable us to recover the remaining gold from the Rakka tailings but could pave the way for making gold mining in Oman widely acceptable again by avoiding the use of cyanide with all its hazardous side effects. 

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