We at Green Tech Mining & Services are committed in making mining sustainable for the next generations with patented technologies that enable a clean industry development. Green Tech Mining and Services will help to transform the industry into the future of mining. Thanks to our ability to innovate and our care for the environment, the commitment to transparency and to take on stakeholder involvement, we not only turn residuals into value, but play a vital role in making conventional mining widely acceptable again as a key pillar of the Sultanate's economy for years to come...


Green Tech Mining & Services LLC (GTMS) was established by the government, the state-owned Oman Mining Company LLC (OMCO), as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for introducing innovative and green mining technologies and residuals remediation inclusive surface mining technologies, in order to pave the way for making mining widely acceptable again in the Sultanate of Oman. By this, a transformation of the future of the mining industry has been triggered to tackle the solid resource development of the entire country. Both, brownfield and greenfield projects are within GTMS's portfolio of projects in hands.

While GTMS’s current projects are classified as advanced brownfield projects and are mostly about processing of stocked ore piles and residuals from past operations in Sohar and Yanqul, it is equally important for the company to introduce modern tailings management and new metal extraction and mine water management techniques, as well as bringing other new technologies and international major mining players to the Sultanate.

In this way, Green Tech Mining and Services will contribute significantly to Oman’s Vision 2040 national priorities in matters of environmental sustainability while being a contributor to the economic diversification and private sector partnership, bringing added value to the labour and employment market.


To make mining a key contributor to the national economy modelled after the successful and highly professional development of the country’s oil & gas industry. 


A long term successful mining industry is not only a contributor to the economic diversification and private sector partnership, but will generate jobs directly and indirectly in a variety of associated service industries bringing added value to the local labour and employment market.