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The People Behind the Company


Image of Ernst Grissemann, CEO of Green Tech Mining & Services and Gulf Green Tech
Ernst Grissemann

30 years of experience in Project Implementation and in Company Management, out of which 18 years were in large-sized, stock exchanged listed corporations (such as STRABAG SE, VAMED AG and Bauer AG).

6 years served as a professional Army officer.

One and a half decades of experience in the management of companies in China, Jordan, UAE and Oman, whereby in total 10 years in Oman.

Invited member of the Omani National Program for Diversification of the Economy away from Oil and Gas (part of the Vision Oman 2040).

Awarded with the Global Water Award 2011.

Lead executive for implementing PDO’s Nimr Water Treatment Plant (largest constructed wetland in the world) in Oman to treat 175,000 m3/d “produced water”.

International recognised adviser in engineering standards consolidation. 

Civil Engineer from the “Higher Technical College for Civil Engineering and Art” in Innsbruck, Austria.

Image of Klaus Müller (Mueller), CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Green Tech Mining & Services and Gulf Green Tech
Klaus Müller

33 years experience in the oil & gas industry with Shell International in a variety of managerial and leadership roles around the globe.  

Expert in oil & gas production engineering, project development, change management and technical innovation. 

Developed Shell’s first fully automated oil field. Spearheaded the concept of collaborative working environments in Petroleum Development Oman, transforming the way of working for an entire corporation. 

Instrumental in establishing solar PV as a renewable energy source in Oman as a cofounder of Shell’s project “Solar into Schools”. 

Global Technology Manager for Shell’s Joint Ventures.

Shareholder of Gulf Green Tech LLC, an environmental technology investment company.

MSc in Petroleum Engineering from the Mining University Leoben, Austria.

Board Members

Ernst Grissemann
Ernst Grissemann
Rashid Salim Abdullah Al-Toqi grey.jpg
Rashid Al-Touqi
Board Director

GM of Oman Mining Company.

Head of Audit and Compliance MDO.

More than 20 years of experience in financial management and turn-around management. 

MSc in Accounting from Australia.

Klaus Müller (Mueller)
Klaus Müller
Board Director
Nasser Al Maqbali
Board Director

Chairman of Oman Mining Company.

CEO of Minerals Development Oman SAOC.

30 years of experience in executive, operation, and project management, consulting, and business development.

Technical Advisory Panel

Oleg Kim_profile photo (1).jpg
Dr. Oleg Kim
Advisory Panel

Over 35 years of experience in prospecting, exploration and mining of gold, copper, uranium and other metals.

Competent Person, Member of Australian Institute of Geoscientists, Fellow of Geological Society of London.

Worked in Cameco Corporation a major uranium producer started as geologists and ended as Director of Exploration for CIS countries.

Established and managed a Andash Mining Company and Bulakashu Mining Company with further IPO at AIM (Aurum Mining) and TXE (Kola Mining).

Established and managed Kazakhstan Mineral Company one of the biggest consultant companies in former Soviet Union.

Post graduate courses in correspondence in Central Asian Institute of Mineral Resources. Ph.D. decree in 1992.

MSc. in prospecting and exploration of uranium and other rare elements in Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute.

Assistant Professor Dr (Doctor) Diplom Ingineur Diplom HTL Ingineur Rüdiger (Ruediger) B Richter
Asst. Prof. Dr. Dipl.- Ing. Dipl. (HTL)- Ing. Rüdiger B. Richter
Advisory Panel

Visiting professor at Montan University Leoben in Mining Engineering

Visiting professor at the German University of Technology Oman

International expert in mining processing engineering

Author of scientific articles and mining processing engineering chapters of technical lexica

Head of waste treatment and NORM centre of excellency in Bauer

Richard Lakey.jpeg
Richard Lakey, Dip.App.Sc. (Goelogy), M.Sc. (Hydrogeology)
Advisory Panel

44 years of experience in hydrology, geology and hydrogeology.


Experience in Oman for more than two decades, e.g. with several major water resource assessments done, water management projects for Ministries, culminating with the preparation of a National Water Resources Master Plan.


Performed a wide range of hydrogeology, hydrology and environmental studies for governments and private sector clients in Oman, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Jordan.


Author of various scientific articles and papers


Member International Association of Hydrogeologists (Mem. No 25287).

Member National Water Well and Drilling Association (Mem. No 110124).

Member International Association of Hydrological Sciences (Mem. No 1082)

Assistant Professor Dr (doctor) Alexandros Stefanakis
Asst. Prof. Dr. Alexandros Stefanakis
Advisory Panel

Assistant professor in the school of environmental engineering at Technical University of Crete, Greece

International circular economy and sustainability expert

Visiting professor at German University of Technology Oman

Environmental engineering and research specialist focusing on water and wastewater engineering

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