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Green Tech Mining & Services LLC (GTMS) was established by the government (Oman Mining Company LLC (OMCO)), as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) introducing innovative and green mining technologies and residuals remediation inclusive surface mining technologies. Transforming the future of the mining industry to tackle the solid resource development of the entire country.

GTMS is introducing modern tailings management, new metal extraction and mine water management techniques, bringing other new technologies and international major mining players to the Sultanate of Oman.

In this way, GTMS will contribute significantly to Oman’s Vision 2040 national priorities in matters of environmental sustainability while being a contributor to the economic diversification and private sector partnership, bringing added value to the labour and employment market.


To make mining a key contributor to the national economy modelled after the successful and highly professional development of the country’s oil & gas industry. 


Transforming new ideas using sustainable high-tech and socially savvy companies, to gain trust back from the public.

Environment Social Governance (ESG)


We believe that the environment is the essential part of its success. We work on Natural Water Treatment & Carbon Initial Reduction, thereby creating a stronger industry.


We are responsible ownership, management, and business success that values relations with employees, customers, suppliers, and community.   


We are committed to generating economic benefit in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, while creating a long-term, sustainable business, and giving back to the communities by providing employment.

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